A data set containing 300 real, high-resolution human scans, with automatically computed ground-truth correspondences.

Welcome to the FAUST Dataset

FAUST contains 300 real, high-resolution human scans of 10 different subjects in 30 different poses, with automatically computed ground-truth correspondences. Each scan is a high-resolution, triangulated, non-watertight mesh acquired with a 3D multi-stereo system.

FAUST is subdivided into a training and a test set. The training set includes 100 scans (10 per subject) with their corresponding ground-truth alignments. The test set includes 200 scans. The FAUST benchmark defines 100 preselected scan pairs, partitioned into two classes – 60 requiring intra-subject matching, 40 requiring inter-subject matching.

Key Features

Real human body scans High resolution Different topologies Missing data Self contacts Dense ground-truth correspondences

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Contact & Citation

If you use this work, please cite:

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